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Running and Sleep

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Harness Your Sleep to Improve Your Run

Sleep is just as important as training hard and eating right, in order to build the energy reserves needed to power through an uphill run and crush every mile. Don’t undermine your best efforts by trying to train and run on less than a full tank! By getting more out of your time in bed, you’ll improve your response time, increase your focus and even retain better memory of your best course strategy.

Our partners at BEDGEAR® share their top tips to improve your sleep routine and get more out of your race:

Stay Cool and Dry 
Sleeping hot, cold or clammy is an indication that your mattress, sheets, blanket and clothing could be trapping excess body heat and moisture. Overheating is a major contributor to sleep disruption, causing unnecessary tossing and turning. While some measure of waking up in the night is normal, prolonged periods of sleep disruption will negatively impact feeling refreshed when you wake.

Temperature makes all the difference to your sleep – this means keeping your room cool and controlling for humidity. Your body wants to follow its natural circadian rhythm and drop up to two degrees each night to allow for cellular rejuvenation. Breathable fabrics that increase air flow and reduce humidity by moving cooler room temperature air through your sheets, pillows, mattresses and mattress protectors make for a sleep environment that is more conducive to deep, restorative sleep.

This is not a new concept; heat and moisture-wicking fabrics are standard today in athletic apparel. BEDGEAR is the first to apply such technologies to all the layers of your sleep system, from mattress to pillow and more, wicking moisture away from your body so you can temperature regulate for better rest. Explore the layers to match your lifestyle here.

Create Your Ideal Sleep Environment
Even if you only have a few hours to rest up, proper spinal alignment is key to reducing restlessness and pressure points that wake you up at night. Your mattress provides just 70% of your overall sleep comfort as 8 out of your 24 spinal vertebrae are directly impacted by the position of your head, neck and shoulders on your pillow! Like you get fit for your shoes – and can’t run in someone else’s size – the right personalized fit of bedding products will give you the best support and maximize your recovery at night.

BEDGEAR’s PILLOW ID® fitting process, used by Meb Keflezghi and other elite runners, can help you simply and easily find your fit for your proper pillow to create 100% of your alignment and comfort every night. 

Prepare for the Road
Stay on track as you anticipate changes to a routine. Keep your body in peak condition with proper hydration and by avoiding jet lag. How can runners get around feeling ‘off schedule’ when you arrive to your race?

  • Book a flight with an early evening arrival and go to sleep at 10 p.m. local time.
  • Get up and head to bed earlier for several days when planning to head eastward, to most closely line up with your planned wake time in your destination, especially for an early race start! 
  • Ensure you consume even more than your usual amount of water during your trip and always avoid stimulants, such as caffeine and alcohol, up to four hours prior to heading to bed.

Mental focus is just as important as the physical readiness—following these simple steps will help you bypass that groggy feeling and wake clear-headed.

Bring a pillow that fits you well, to ensure that you have what fits you, no matter what hotel you are staying in. Supporting your head and neck reduces the potential of neck and back strain and frequent tossing and turning. With just your pillow, you achieve up to 30% of your spine alignment, giving resilient cushioning to the one third of your cervical vertebrae from the base of your head to the top of your shoulders, and reducing pressure from bad sleep posture on your lower spine.

Need better sleep? Find your fit online with BEDGEAR’s Pillow ID or meet with a BEDGEAR sleep coach at the TCS New York City Marathon Expo Presented by New Balance, Nov. 1-3.

BEDGEAR® is the only brand of Performance® sleep products. BEDGEAR introduced personalized fit pillows and the new M3 mattress to provide 100% of each individual’s total sleep comfort, based upon a fitting process the company pioneered to address both sleep position and body frame. Since inception, BEDGEAR has partnered with professional athletes to support their training regimens and inspire a more awake and connected population. BEDGEAR products have become the go-to brand for more than 15 professional and Olympic championship sports teams and to the world's largest marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon. Sleep Fuels Everything®! Learn more at

Share your secrets to getting a good night’s rest before a marathon with BEDGEAR and fellow runners in the Instagram post above!