Post-Race Reactions at Marathon Monday

The day after more than 51,000 runners traversed NYC's five boroughs, many kept the excitement going on Marathon Monday at the TCS New York City Marathon Pavilion. Here's what marathoners had to say about the race as they shopped for official ASICS finisher gear, got their medals engraved, and stretched out at the Hospital for Special Surgery Recovery Zone.

"I am an engineer, so when I crossed all of those bridges, it was like, 'Wow, how they did this 50 or 60 years ago, and it's still standing here.' That was awesome for me—I know it's a geek point, but I like it, I enjoy it."

-Cristian Cifuentes, Chile





"It was my first marathon ever, and it was here in New York, and I am so truly thankful for the Virtual Trainer program because I was strong the whole way—I did not hit the wall at all, and I made it to the finish line. . .I got through the wall and I crushed that wall."

-Allison Ordonez, Queens, NY




"The organization and the administration of this event was, to me, immeasurable. The volunteers were great—I couldn't believe how professionally they handled themselves, and how well it was pulled off."

-Peter West, Portland, ME

"I came in third last year, and this year, I thought, 'Oh well, I think I'm gonna do third again, because they're all older than me,' but I actually surprised myself this year. I'm excited for next year because I think I can push myself hard enough to do it again."

-Rainn Sheppard, 10, Brooklyn, NY
NYRR Youth Invitational at the TCS New York City Marathon winner


"[Running] is stress-relieving, because at times when you're in school and things don't go well, you just go out and run by yourself—and run your pace and your pace only."

-Darius Gordan, 17, Bronx, NY
NYRR Youth Invitational at the TCS New York City Marathon winner



"I didn't realize how much the city was into it—I wrote my name on my shirt and people were treating me like family, yelling my name, so it was a great experience."

-Anna Quimson, Torrance, CA


"The one underground at the subway station—by TurnStyle—I was standing on Eighth Avenue going, 'Where is it? Where is it?' so going underground to find that one was kind of neat."

-Jeffrey Lamarque, Manhattan
Marathoner and Smile Markers finisher


"The first one I clicked was the one that was positioned by the UN, and I got a Grandstand ticket, so I was like, 'Oh, there are prizes! Let me continue on.'" 

-Sabine Jeudy-Sprauve, Bronx
Marathoner and Smile Markers finisher